Loaded on a 7 foot packable space sled for a 3-man hot tenting trip.

One of the fun things about winter camping is that, once you get into it, (and possibly addicted), the study and pursuit of the ultimate equipment rig becomes a life-long learning curve and passion.  Soon, every time you wander into the hardware store, outdoor gear store or browse the gear on the Internet, even in summer, you will be looking at how to make your rig better, lighter, and more efficient.  Your rig will evolve as your experience grows.  You will never have the perfect rig for all conditions, but it sure is fun trying to get there!

But no matter how much gear you have, in winter camping, and especially on long treks of many days in tough weather and snow conditions, there is no substitute for skills.  Ultimately its your skills that carry you.   In fact soon you learn that too much gear on a trip is a bad thing because it weighs you down.

That’s the other deeply satisfying part of the winter camping lifestyle:  the life-long development of skills, where through experience and study, you get better and better and start to live well and comfortably in winter.

Clothing is the most important part of your equipment, but this huge topic is discussed separately in our Clothing section.   This Equipment section will include discussions of: